Monday, September 7, 2009

The Icelandic Gay pride festival 2009

The 11th gay pride carnival was held in down town Reykjavík on august 15th and there was not a penny cut back in making the floats with music acts and over colored big dresses to make the festival as much of a feast for the eyes as for the ears of the nearly 80.000 audience watching the parade going down Reykjavík’s biggest shopping and restaurant street.
I always wanted to photograph this festival trough the eye of the photojournalist telling the story of all the people in the floats and the meaning behind this remarkable parade of homosexuals, lesbians, bi-sexuals, leather fetish people and just all people wanting to express their free spirit and will.
This was a great day, sun was shining and the music was booming, tight leather panties and net stockings where flying around and the glimmer and ballons in all the colors of the rainbow made this a great parade. I was there with two cameras other with a wide lense and other telephoto lense, this was great fun and following the parade down laugavegur and photographing every crick and cranny of these colorfull people in the parade was quite the experience.
The parade ended with a great concert in the downtown and almost 80.000 people showing up to see this crazy parade, and funny to think about that on Iceland’s national day the 17th of June downtown only 50.000 people showed up. So i hope this parade will be here for years to come and will be more crazy and colorfull year by year so we can match the carnival in Rio one day.

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