Sunday, December 13, 2009

SU Demonstration in Copenhagen 2009
In October students in Copenhagen gathered together in Rádhuspladsen witch is the square outside of the Danish Parliament in Copenhagen. The reason for the demonstration was to get a higher SU grant for the Danish students, SU grant is a financial help for the students in Denmark and is granted to every Danish citizen studying in Denmark.
People from all the schools in Copenhagen came together to protest and there were around 15.000 students protesting. With the police keeping control of everything this was a very peaceful protest. Some people from the schools held speeches and a danish rapper sang a song about the government and the situation very cool.
Here are some photos from the Demonstration

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Valdi the wheel cap dealer..

Valdi the wheel cap dealer began selling wheel cap's in his mother's garage 25 years ago in the "countryside" of Reykjavík Heiðmörk, witch is today almost in Reykjavík because of all the neighbourhoods that are surrounding his house. I always wanted to make a little documentary about this strange man who has been selling wheel cap's for so long. When i got his number i had to work up the nerve to call him because i was not sure of how he would take it when i would ask
him to let me photograph him in his home and at his workplace.

I made the call and after a few rings he picked up with a rough but friendly voice saying "Yes, Valdi speaking"... I explained to him why i was calling him and after i had explained what i wanted to do he said "have you ever photographed old and classic cars" and i replied "no i haven't" he was very amazed to hear about that and said that he could set me up with a local club that evolves around old classic cars. We set a date to meet at his place and i was very happy finally getting to do this project.

When i was driving to Valdi's home i was excited and a little worried, because i knew that he was a loner and quite the exentric. Finally i see a sign saying "wheel cap's for sale, contact Valdi" i turn in and see this old rundown place, it looked like the houses they use for the horror movies but it was eary charming. I knocked on the door but nobody awnsered. I walked around the back following a ticket saying to go there. When i came to the back there i saw him smoking his cigar looking to the mountains very relaxed. We sit down i light me a cigarette and we talk about old cars for about 10 minutes then we begin......... it went really well and i photographed him with all his wheel caps, there are probably millions of wheel caps there i have never seen so many wheel cap's. And then i asked if we should go inside and photograph there but he said that his mother did not want that..... so i shot some photos of him outside and inside the garage. Then we said our goodbyes and i promised to return with some photos of old cars for him.
I love to meet people who are different from the norm and life like this without the big city glamour and all the stress in the city, tough i am afraid in a few years time he will be surrounded by new fancy buildings and big roads. I wish Valdi and his mother all the best and hope they can be there in peace for many years to come.

Here are some more photos...

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Project: F.U.B.A.R

is an acronym that commonly means; fucked up beyond all recognition, or any of a number of similar constructions. It originated in the United States armed forces, but its usage has spread to colloquial use.

This is a project i have wanted to do for a long time, and is similiar in thought as my portrait assignment NUMB were there were just girls with mascara running down their face, like they were crying.
The general idea behind both of these projects is that everybody reacts the same to similar situations with similar expression. I did the make up and everything else, and i know nothing about make up:)

I plan to work on this assignment for some time and get more guys to come to the studio.
hopefully many guys from around the globe.

Hope you like the photos.....


you can see more photos here

Monday, September 7, 2009

The Icelandic Gay pride festival 2009

The 11th gay pride carnival was held in down town Reykjavík on august 15th and there was not a penny cut back in making the floats with music acts and over colored big dresses to make the festival as much of a feast for the eyes as for the ears of the nearly 80.000 audience watching the parade going down Reykjavík’s biggest shopping and restaurant street.
I always wanted to photograph this festival trough the eye of the photojournalist telling the story of all the people in the floats and the meaning behind this remarkable parade of homosexuals, lesbians, bi-sexuals, leather fetish people and just all people wanting to express their free spirit and will.
This was a great day, sun was shining and the music was booming, tight leather panties and net stockings where flying around and the glimmer and ballons in all the colors of the rainbow made this a great parade. I was there with two cameras other with a wide lense and other telephoto lense, this was great fun and following the parade down laugavegur and photographing every crick and cranny of these colorfull people in the parade was quite the experience.
The parade ended with a great concert in the downtown and almost 80.000 people showing up to see this crazy parade, and funny to think about that on Iceland’s national day the 17th of June downtown only 50.000 people showed up. So i hope this parade will be here for years to come and will be more crazy and colorfull year by year so we can match the carnival in Rio one day.

2..Click the Images to see them a little bit larger

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Summerfest in the heart of Reykjavík

2 weekends ago few guys set up a little music festival in a new park in downtown Reykjavík, this was set up with a great music generated by Dj's of all sorts all the way from hip hop to electro great music.
This was a great set up by the guys planning this and i hope they will do this again before the summer is out. Great day, great music and herere some photos from this great party.

Monday, July 6, 2009

The Reykjavík flea market....Work in progress

The Reykjavík flea market is in the heart of Reykjavík center every Saturday and Sunday and is called Kolaportið. This is a very interesting place with people with personality, all the way from young kids to very old people selling there stuff that has been in there basemant for years or just selling their toys that they don't play with anymore.
This market has been up since i can remember and it is a very fun place to be at, you can get everything there from fish to candy or samurai sword to antic camera, I love this place.
I decided last sunday that i wanted to do a documentary project about this amazing place, and the plan is to photograph everybody with a booth and the people shopping there. So hopefully i will get something descent there, here are some photos i shot last sunday, but keep a good look for more because i everything goes according to plan this is gonna be a big assignment for me.

Here are bigger images